Body Face

Bodyface is an alternative rock trio from New York City who “…write good songs, turn everything up loud, and play like holy hell…and man do they do it well…” (Babysue.com).

“…high-octane rockers Bodyface…need to occupy some space in your iPod…Bodyface’s in-your-face approach works…” (In Tune (JS) – McKeesport Daily Times)

Bodyface formed in 2008 with Roger Asmar on drums and Jared Kerr on vocals and guitar after the two met and Kerr, who had previously been working drums and vocals with two former bandmates, made the switch to front man. Matt Muerte joined the pair on bass in 2011 after meeting Asmar and Kerr at the Music Building in Manhattan where Bodyface and Muerte’s Industrial Metal band, Onpoint, both practice.

Asmar’s past experience includes time spent drumming for New York-based bands Derailed, Defect and the New Professionals. In addition to playing bass with Bodyface, Muerte continues to rock New York City on guitar for Onpoint. Kerr’s past on bass, drums, guitar and vocals with former bands including Jet Orange, Spitter, Fin, Monster Christ, and presently with Bodyface has seen him practicing and gigging late into the night.

In 2009 Bodyface executed a base-building European tour including dates in Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Grosseto and London. The tour was followed by the 2010 release of their first EP and the 2011 release of their first LP, Bias, which they promoted with an extensive tour of the West Coast of the United States including venues in LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. While they love touring, Bodyface pays homage to New York City as its first love and birthplace since 2011 as headliners and organizers of Bring Rock Back, an annual full-day summer festival celebrating local New York City-based bands. The festival has played at the Central Park Bandshell where it has drawn an audience of over 10,000 rock-happy New Yorkers and tourists. The July 2014 release of No (co-produced and engineered by legendary audio mixer/engineer Tommy Uzzo) will be followed by a 2014 tour including performance dates in Nashville, Cleveland, Knoxville and Washington, D.C.

Why title an album NO? Because we are living in an age of negativity and No is a product of its times. Art, media, politics and popular culture demand little to NO thought on the part of the citizen. We are bombarded with both banality and negatives. There is NO money, NO justice, NO oil, NO freedom, NO hope, and NO peace. To all of this Bodyface says, “NO”. People’s lives are not defined by what they are told NOT to do. To this we say, “NO”.

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